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Aug 20 2022|Shang Hai


If you can see the shadow of the owner and the designer in a design, then this case is relatively good. Every year we make some new attempts through some cases

实景图 (39).jpg


The living room is an enclosed space wrapped in wood veneer, like a wooden box. The wood veneer is specially patterned according to the color of the wood floor. The house is located on the top floor, so the view is also very wide, driving through the tunnel to the IFC .

实景图 (40).jpg


The white plasterboard shape of the sofa background is used as the background lighting, and there is no atmosphere at night. The concave shape should also be combined with functions.

实景图 (55).jpg


This is one of my favorite pictures, it was shot just to capture the feeling of the sun shining in. It feels like the afterglow of the sunset. Through the grille, the light seems to tease the space. The light changes slowly as the sun moves .

实景图 (42).jpg


The gray TV wall is actually a cabinet, and the cabinet door is hidden on the balcony side. The fireplace under the TV is used to set off the atmosphere.

实景图 (59).jpg

实景图 (57).jpg


You can bask in the sun here and sit for an afternoon.

实景图 (52).jpg

实景图 (45).jpg


The axis of the photo from this angle is particularly good. After the kitchen was reduced, a western kitchen was built outside, and a wine cooler was placed under the island.

实景图 (46).jpg

实景图 (43).jpg


The only regret is that there is no built-in refrigerator. Above the island is the original bare beam. After the wall is removed, the hanging is too low, so it is simply naked. It also has a sense of structure.

实景图 (50).jpg


There are actually two hidden doors on the gray wall of the dining room. After opening, one side is the daughter's room, and the other side is the guest bathroom.

实景图 (73).jpg

实景图 (53).jpg


The kitchen comes out to the dining room area. The top surface is made of mirror stainless steel in order to stretch the height.

实景图 (54).jpg

实景图 (49).jpg

实景图 (72).jpg

实景图 (66).jpg


Demarcation. Distinguish two functional areas through line light and material

实景图 (56).jpg


Cabinet material: paint panel + stainless steel frame + veneer laminate

实景图 (37).jpg


There is a pull-out storage next to the piano. Every space is not spared.

实景图 (47).jpg


A floor-to-ceiling mirror is made on the left of the entrance hall, and a shoe cabinet is on the right. In order to define the area, a circle of stainless steel linear lights is made.

实景图 (58).jpg


In the bedroom, we have done a blank treatment. It makes the space look very clean. On the left side, we have made a large surface storage.

实景图 (65).jpg


Behind the TV wall is the main guard. In fact, making every corner exquisite has always been our aim.

实景图 (61).jpg

实景图 (69).jpg


Since the washbasin is in the window position, we used the hanging form for the mirror.

实景图 (64).jpg


In order to facilitate cleaning, our windows use the form of internal clip louvers.

实景图 (67).jpg


My youngest daughter is 3 years old and loves green, so we used low saturated green and white.

实景图 (68).jpg

实景图 (70).jpg

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