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  • 2022 FF charging standard & service content (Shanghai)

    1. The owner shall confirm the time with the customer manager, meet and negotiate with the designer, carry out preliminary design consultation and communication, and understand the design style, color preference, resident structure, living habits and overall budget.

    2. The owner and the designer determine the design intention. After paying the deposit for the house, the owner entrusts the designer to conduct on-site survey of the house to be designed, and both parties exchange design requirements and ideas on site.

    3. According to the design demand template provided by the owner, the design team starts the scheme design, makes proposals on the plane planning, style orientation and soft decoration positioning, and then agrees with the owner to communicate the scheme. After the owner determines the scheme, the owner signs the design power of attorney, and pays the design fee according to the contract cost, and then the special group in charge of the project completes the deepening scheme drawings and soft decoration scheme.

    4. After all design drawings are determined (signed and confirmed by the  owner), if construction is required, the construction quotation shall be issued.

    5. Enter the construction, agree the commencement time of the project, and the designer shall conduct on-site technical disclosure. The designer shall provide the construction party with on-site construction drawings and track and guide at the project nodes. During this period, both parties agreed to go out to assist in material selection services, and conduct matching procurement through wechat telephone and other communication methods.

    6. After the completion of hard decoration, assist in the description and support of soft decoration of furniture, and take the latest graduation photos.


    Wall demolition drawing

    New wall drawing

    Original structure drawing


    1. Positioning and handover of water and electricity and wall in design drawings, and assistance in positioning and position verification of water and electricity, socket, pipe position and strong and weak current box (once on site)

    2. The cabinet frame and ceiling frame shall be checked on site from the technical handover of carpenter's mobilization drawings and Mason's mobilization drawings to the woodwork construction stage(once on site)

    3. After the completion of woodwork construction, go to the site to check whether the objects are constructed and fabricated according to the drawings before leaving the site (once on site)

    4. During the plastering construction stage, check the wall and floor tile paving site until the completion of the plastering construction, and check whether the objects are constructed and manufactured according to the drawings before leaving the site (once on site)

    5. The disclosure of paint mobilization process and color matching shall be carried out until the completion of paint construction. Before leaving the site, check whether the process is constructed according to the drawings (once on site)

    6. Furniture, wall and floor tiles, floors, doors, cabinets, lamps and lanterns, curtains, cloth art, sanitary ware, accessories, green plants to assist in the purchase (once on site)

    7. Installation of lamps and lanterns, finished furniture and display of soft decoration (once on site)

    8. The above post tracking service once = half a working day. Drawing disclosure and construction technical guidance tracking service, with a total attendance of 4 times; The furniture, main materials and soft decoration shall be purchased with assistance, and the total number of attendance is 1; The total attendance of the installation part is once; The total attendance of furniture and soft decoration display is 1. Double entry, stairs, cast-in-situ, positioning of water and electricity pipelines in the early stage, positioning of central air conditioning, etc. of the villa shall be appropriately increased according to the actual situation.

    9. If the on-site materials are not in place, the construction personnel are not in place, and the construction party is replaced in the later tracking service, and the service items need to be present again, the charge will be increased by 500 yuan / time. Since the design work requires a lot of time for conception and operation, when the designer's service is required, the owner must notify the designer at least 3 days in advance, so that the designer can reasonably arrange time to serve the owner.

    10. The owner invites a professional construction team or decoration company, and the project manager or full-time supervisor must organize the construction. No matter who the owner asks for construction, the FF design team will follow up the whole process. If the owner invites a non professional construction team or casual decoration workers to construct, the problems caused by wrong rework, unauthorized design modification, rough quality, dirty and messy construction site, delay in construction period and so on have nothing to do with feifu design team. In addition to the residential projects under the overall trust of the whole project design, the important main materials are purchased by the owners themselves.

    Project construction

    The owner can choose FF construction according to his own needs.

    Most of the cases done by FF are mainly in modern and minimalist style. In terms of the cooperation of many processes and types of work, the construction time is relatively long and the complexity is high. FF has a fixed construction party, and the tacit understanding between design and construction is also running in very well. For the presentation of the works, the actual living effect and even a good reputation, FF's own construction is also one of the guarantees of quality. Please trust and understand it.

    1. The construction contract is a lump sum contract.

    2. In order to successfully realize the design scheme, FF does not have the form of construction subcontracting, but a specially assigned person directly manages the construction team.

    3. After signing the decoration contract, the owner shall pay 30% of the total construction price as the first installment before construction mobilization; 35% of the total construction price shall be paid as the second phase payment after the hydropower project is accepted and before the carpenter and Mason enter the site; 30% of the total construction price shall be paid as the third installment after the woodworking and plastering works are accepted and before the paint enters the site; After the completion of hard installation and painting, the final payment of the project shall be settled during the installation of main materials, i.e. 5% of the total construction price.

    4. After signing the decoration contract, if the owner who chooses the construction part requests to terminate the construction contract or the contract cannot be continued due to his own reasons, the owner shall timely notify FF to go through the contract termination procedures and pay FF the project payment for the completed project.

    5. FF construction shall provide the brand and model list of construction materials and construction budget details. FF provides one-year free construction service.

    6. One set of water and electricity completion photos (electronic version) shall be provided for FF construction.

    7. Construction is an optional item attached to the design content. Our construction team exists to better serve the design, so we will not accept orders without design and no effect. At the same time, the design fee will remain unchanged according to the charging standard.

    8. For projects outside Shanghai Outer Ring Road, 5% of the total amount of the project will be charged for remote service, and the travel expenses, board and lodging of foreign projects will be borne by Party A.

    *Every customer friend is a noble person on our way forward. We are grateful, respected and remembered. As a design team with principles, personality and requirements, I will decline many customers who are too far away, in a hurry or do not fit in.

    *Mutual respect and trust are the premise of mutual cooperation. We can't accept the cooperative behavior of disrespect, distrust, understanding and directly negating our labor achievements and strongly requiring us to compromise. We will try our best to reduce the procurement cost for our customers with the help of the designer's channels and keep improving the effect and details.

    *The design copyright, drawing copyright and work publishing right belong to fever space design. To make an appointment for design, consult and arrange the schedule in advance. The detailed rights and responsibilities of the cooperation between the two parties with respect to expenses and payment methods shall be subject to the design contract.

    *This service process will be implemented from January 1, 2022

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