Interior is the soul of architecture, the connection between human and environment, and the combination of human art and material civilization.


Aug 20 2022|Shang Hai

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Put aside the noisy city, create a quiet home with temperature, in the busy and complicated life, hidden in nature, return to nature and blend in nature.

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The French Windows broaden our sight range, leading us to enjoy the sunshine bathing, appreciate the vastness of the stars, experience the prosperity of the city, and overlook the charming scenery.

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Creased light strips run through the living room space.

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A person, a scene, a deck chair, is like a holiday of leisure, is comparable to the scenic area of visual feast.

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Taking the shape of whale toe bone as the inspiration source, the packaging of dragon salivate is made of high-quality walnut wood by pure hand turning technology, and loaded with dragon salivate in the shape of whale toe bone.

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The carpet of the cloth art sofa of dark gray collocation milk white, established extremely simple space tonal. The tea table of light wood color adds warm meaning for the space, build sweet and comfortable space atmosphere.


In the bedroom of the ultra wide French window, open eyes is the scene.


The bedroom area combines Oriental elements with minimalist aesthetic feeling of modernism. Use warm tone of wood color collocation gray black, delicate texture and tonal harmony and unity, in the bedroom area to show the minimalist Oriental comfort and comfortable.


Cloakroom passes material qualitative collocation, make advanced feeling incisively and vividly, apply the material such as glass, metal cleverly at the same time will broaden visual sense and the harmony of expression smooth shadow.

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Scene, see in the bottom of my heart; Sunlight, penetrating the barriers.

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The presence of floor-to-ceiling Windows ensures plenty of light, clean and bright.


Looking around, the large area of glazing brings the feeling of the outdoors, the change of weather, and the natural atmosphere into the space in a soft way.

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Life is not confined to the kitchen day and night, the space not only draws the outline of a simple outline, in the order of sorting and scenery changes, create a sense of ritual space, so that the home becomes the home of the soul depends on.

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