Interior is the soul of architecture, the connection between human and environment, and the combination of human art and material civilization.


Aug 26 2022|Weng Zhou

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In the whole space, due to the height difference of the top beams, we designed the ultra-thin roof, superimposed like pieces of paper, and then folded and continued to the façade, thus forming an irregular geometry in the square space, with different materials given to different On the wall of the space, the expression of details is added to make the space more attractive.


In this 180 ㎡ duplex residence, we hope to create a place suitable for living and full of vitality. The first floor is the residential area and public living area for the elderly, which meets the functions of living room, kitchen, entertainment and social interaction, and shapes the beauty of art with the temperament and field spirit beyond time; The second floor is the owner's private rest area. Inspired by the hotel's administrative suite, people want to enjoy a holiday living experience at home.


The ceiling of the living room is cleverly interspersed with brown wood veneer in the concise geometric form, which interprets the beauty of the balance between tradition and modernity, so as to achieve the harmonious compatibility of function and aesthetics.

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Light poured in from the French windows of the living room, scattering the shadow of the tree on the gray carpet, shaking with the flow of the wind, as if fresh life poured into the interior of the space, and everything became more and more quiet.

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While emphasizing style and individuality, this design pays more attention to the perfect combination with modern life to create a modern living space.

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The kitchen uses dark marble as the middle island to show the artistic tension and freeze frame art, shape and shape the meaning, and provide surprise and enjoyment for ordinary daily life.

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The green plant is moved into the house to create a relaxed dining environment, inject soul into the space with the symbol of life, and awaken people's perception of a better life.

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The first floor opens to the second floor, forming an upward void, shaping the dialogue relationship of space.

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The administrative suite of the hotel on the second floor takes "stability" and "elegance" as the basic tone, connects the moving line in series, and retains their independence. It seems to be separated, broken and connected, brewing romance and continuing art.

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The combination of cloakroom and study gives space for more flexible and changeable expressions. Between light and shadow, write vivid emotions in space.

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The study endows the space with creative spirit and professional expression, and captures the vivid emotion of the space through the interaction of light and shadow.

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The old people's room is elegant, light and luxurious, and the elegant atmosphere creates a comfortable sleep atmosphereIn the past, home needed to meet the function of living. Now, home also needs the nourishment of art. It has become our unrepeatable spiritual residence in our daily life and residence.

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