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Ferrari at Home

Aug 20 2022|Shang Hai



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This is a transformation "across time and space". Shanghai Vancouver, epidemic situation + time difference. From consultation to graduation photo shooting, in addition to the demand of "hoping to see the sports car in the garage in the living room", the owner entrusted us with everything.When measuring the room, we found that the villa had been demolished beyond recognition, and the FF team finally handed over the "answer sheet" after 14 months of intensive work.

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Space seems to be different inside and outside, independent of each other, but inseparable. The two continue, penetrate and integrate to form a whole. This design naturally starts from the outside.




The external construction reflects the internal function and temperament to a certain extent. Therefore, modernist design techniques coincide with the minimalist concept of life. Change the original European style door head to a simple "white box". The scattered and superimposed blocks compete with the surrounding environment with rational logical thinking.


Like minimalism, but afraid of being too simple and cold. Garage door art graffiti will defuse it skillfully. Create with "money, elephant, wisdom" and other elements loved by the owner, and integrate the trend into minimalism.



The garden is equipped with fine sand, colorful elephants and green plants, drawing lessons from the artistic conception of the Japanese "dry landscape".




Whether it's the barbecue grill, lounge chair or wooden floor, the simple geometry runs through it. Shape with body and shape with meaning, giving the space the ultimate pure experience.

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Facing the broken plane in the room, how to break the restriction through the reorganization of space has become the key to understand the problem. The vertical functional zoning with priority, from the first floor to the third floor, is divided into public area - semi public area + private area - private area.

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On the first floor, the black rock table in the center of the restaurant forms the first migration line, opening up the originally stagnant atmosphere in the space.

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The gardening techniques of classical gardens have also been skillfully used. The specially widened wall opposite the stairs is separated but not blocked, blocking the line of sight and forming a rich sense of hierarchy.

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The square hole in the wall "borrows" the frameless clock behind to the restaurant, and the multiple and far-reaching visual effects are really fascinating.

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The air outlet of the restaurant is combined with the lamp to avoid superficial form. The minimalist white space produces a strong drama through the blue light dense from the side cabinet, leading people to more emotional changes.

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The sofa is set around the load-bearing column to form the second migration line in the room. The flow is connected in series with fragments, and the originally limited plane is transformed into a unique space advantage.

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The decoration without function is meaningless. Minimalism is never empty, but the appearance of each item is just right. Large area of blank space makes the space appear concise and clear. Decoration and color, with their extremely restrained presentation, give space the possibility of dialogue, communication and thinking.


A corner with excellent daylighting is left to the teahouse. The simple and elegant style achieves the balance and integration of classical and modern in the minimalist space.

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Several vertical windows in the porch area cooperate with the reflection of the mirror to ensure the daylighting and avoid the excessive influx of natural light. The rhythmic structural light and shadow gives people a sense of ceremony and order when entering the door.

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The natural light emitted through the skylight of the stairwell guides the generation of people's behavior moving line to a certain extent. The transparent and hollow iron line handrail falls on the white stone steps, telling the story of light and shadow in the space.

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When I came to the aisle leading to the terrace on the second floor, my sight suddenly darkened. Glass doors introduce natural light and landscape into the interior, and people experience light and shadow experience from light to dark to light in this process. This scene is reminiscent of Tadao Ando's "Church of water".

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For the treatment of the low beam near the door, it's better to take the plan as a whole, and the top surface tilts slightly downward along the balcony. With the black painted glass and linear light on both sides of the aisle, the space is infinitely extended.

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The essence of design is to solve problems. The owner's wish to see the sports car in the living room naturally contributed to the formation of the display space, and the garage was made into the form of window.

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The transparent glass turns the sports car into a special work of art and displays it at home. Whether in the living room or restaurant, it does not hinder the flow of sight.

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The projection screen reserved in the garage makes its functions more diverse, and the visual sense of the open-air cinema is handy.

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As Wilde said, "the mystery of life exists in art". We are also appropriately "de living" in the construction of the living room on the second floor. The cobblestone cushion replaces the sofa to occupy the center. The background is black painted glass with aperture. The whole scene has a sense of future and artistic tension.

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Look at the world from the outside and yourself from the inside. If the public space is an external display, then the living space is a self projection. Although the guest rooms on the second floor have different styles and themes, they jointly interpret the simple, quiet and comfortable life interest.

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Zebra wood veneered wall panels instantly bring people into another mood. The vertical lines of black-and-white tone increase the visual height of the space, which is simple and vivid.

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The third floor is the space for the owner to face himself. In addition to meeting his daily life, it is more important to build his spiritual world. With the sleeping area as the core, the living room, cloakroom, bathroom and terrace are arranged around to establish a spatial order and realize the living experience of a top hotel.

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Through transparent glass, the boundary between blocks is weakened, and the symbiotic intimate relationship is realized in the interaction between "seeing" and "being seen".

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The minimalist design is implemented in every detail. The specially selected antoniolupi shower uses only simple lines to achieve the dual effects of practicality and beauty, enabling the tonality of space.

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The living room, as a link between the inner and outer space, integrates stillness and scenery here. The island platform equipped with a rotatable desk extends out of a separate work area, causing more space for character attributes.

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Spring and autumn, a house and a car are the most beautiful things in the world. They are fleeting. We need to cherish them with our heart and live up to our meeting.

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