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Aug 20 2022|Shang Hai




Black, one of the purest colors. Designer Yohji Yamamoto once said, "Black has two qualities of modesty and arrogance. It is lazy and unpredictable, and it is the color with the most attitude."

The owner of this apartment is in his early 40s. He looks very fashionable. He accidentally saw our works in the mall and became attached to it. The avant-garde owner meets the daring designer, and all the unexpected results come as a matter of course.



The house is a commercial and residential apartment, and the location is better. With a usable area of 70 square meters, the structure is irregular. Fortunately, there are few partition walls inside, which provides the possibility for further division of space.





The original special-shaped space was constructed with 2 rooms and 2 halls under the principle of "movement and static partitions". The special-shaped area is quiet, and the regular space is dynamic. The sophistication and attentiveness of the design begins to manifest at the entrance.

Entering across the door, the brass entry door is made of old-fashioned treatment, which is very heavy and beautiful in a pure black space. Although this kind of treatment is more common in commercial spaces, it is unique in the design of residential buildings.





The large-area ceiling-to-floor cabinet at the entrance meets the daily storage needs of the family, and the hidden light strips below outline the path, making the space light and relaxed.

The light shines on the gray-black PanDOMO floor and the cool and eye-catching Kwas door god, presenting a rhythmic light and shadow space.




A warm fireplace brings an accent beat to the living room space during this time of natural progression with the family.

Break the inherent design method, and lead the overall layout with a rare wall-hung furnace in small apartments. The customized alcohol hanging fireplace can be used for decoration and effectively solve the problem that the apartment cannot exhaust smoke.



The large floor-to-ceiling windows provide sufficient light and provide better lighting conditions for the pure black space, which is also the basis of the entire cool black design.



The all-black open cabinet along one side of the wall has reached a new height in minimalist aesthetics, perfectly explaining that the design does not need to be complicated, and the simplification of complicated things is also a modern fashion trend.



The pure black space has a strong style and a high-level sense of unique personality. In terms of details and overall performance, it requires more precise control than conventional spaces.



The cabinet door of the island in the living room is matched with the brushed stainless steel door panel, which pushes the simplicity and modernity of the entire space to a climax.



當然,對於時尚前衛的業主而言,僅僅只是裝飾上的現代化是遠遠不夠的。於是,全套配備投影與全屋智能系統來提高未來居住的便捷性,就連電視也似乎是為了整個空間而存在的,打破all black的單調、增加空間層次感的同時,像是一副嵌入牆體的當代藝術作品。

Of course, for fashion-forward homeowners, it's not enough to just modernize the decor. Therefore, a full set of projection and whole-house intelligent systems are used to improve the convenience of living in the future. Even the TV seems to exist for the entire space, breaking the monotony of all black and increasing the sense of spatial hierarchy at the same time, like a pair of embedded walls. A work of contemporary art.




The cabinet design of the open kitchen adopts the "hidden" method, and "hides" all the refrigerators, stoves, hoods, etc. into the cabinets and the central island, which is subtly different from the "display" storage in the living room. The handleless cabinet design is also conducive to later cleaning.

Both storage methods are under the "minimalist" shell, creating a place for each item to belong, and it must be restored to its original position when it is used up.



The dark-colored restaurant space deliberately creates a quiet and comfortable atmosphere of natural warm light, which makes people feel more relaxed.




The black lacquered glass countertop enhances the sense of extension of the space, which complements the island platform made of slate, and enhances the quality of the space.

Black materials of different transparency are superimposed and set off against each other, and in the intriguing nuances, it is like enjoying a monochrome sketch.




The relatively irregular part of the plan is reserved for the bedroom, and the large area of glass windows provides an excellent view and field of vision. With the hidden lamps at the top "seeing the light but not the light", it emits a warm yellow halo at night, creating a beautiful atmosphere. Tranquil and elegant atmosphere.





The low-saturated linear light source at the entrance can guide people's paths and outline the outline of the entire space, making the space more sculptural.

Between the master and the second bedroom, an independent mini cloakroom is set up to meet the needs of living and storage, and the bedroom space is pure, which also makes the use of space more reasonable.




The bed in the bedroom is also customized, and the designer also hides a dresser inside the cabinet of the bed, which is both practical and beautiful.

The high-level customization of the whole house not only perfectly assists the implementation of the design plan, but also makes the space uniform and full of healing.




Although it is a relatively independent parent-child relationship, a room is reserved for the daughter. Although the area is not large, it can fully meet the needs of the baby daughter to come home and live occasionally.

The sapphire blue sofa chair, as a jump in the color tone of the space, not only does not destroy the overall atmosphere, but instead makes the slightly dull space full of interest, and also gives the space a sense of hierarchy and luxury.




Due to the limitation of the plane, the toilet is limited to the entrance. In order not to destroy the overall atmosphere of the space, the bathroom door is hidden in a wall of black lacquered glass, which effectively continues the visual continuity of the entrance space and expands the sense of space.





The stainless steel column basin is matched with the hanging faucet of the same material, combined with the two falling light sources, which is full of futuristic and technological sense.


Black never means dull and boring, but more of a "I don't bother you, you don't bother me" attitude. Whenever the brass iron door touches lightly behind him, the black space always has the ability to let the owners returning from different life states or emotions find their own home.


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